Teddy and Krystle wed and moved to Charlotte, NC, in 2007 where they nurtured a college and young adult ministry at Renovatus Church for nearly 9 years. The two also served in several other capacities, including community and discipleship pastors, communications director, and staff pastor. Teddy recently graduated from Pentecostal Theological Seminary with a Master’s in Theological Studies while Krystle is currently in pursuit of the same degree. Teddy’s loves include basketball, asian food, hip hop, and Notre Dame football. Krystle enjoys writing, playing games, and adventuring with their two bears, Theo and Ezra, all alongside their white boxer, Phantom. 

While most people wouldn’t choose to work and play with their spouse, Teddy and Krystle thrive being in partnership, even with the inevitable fun bickering along the way.



Juan was born in Boyle Heights but moved around a lot growing up.  He was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico by his mother and grandfather, eventually returning to Los Angeles. Anabel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She was raised by her mother and father alongside her two younger sisters.

The pair met in high school in 1995 and remained friends for years. Early in their friendship, they joked that if they were both single at the age of 27 they would marry each other. Because God has a sense of humor they were married in 2010. They served as Youth Ministers in a small Spanish-speaking congregation for 5 years. Then, Juan served as Campus Administrator at a church plant, The Gathering L.A., while Anabel focused on school. Anabel is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. While Juan is pursuing a Master’s in Theological Studies from Pentecostal Theological Seminary. In addition to education, Juan and Anabel work full-time jobs. They've had three boys: Joshua, Caleb, and Santiago; and two cats: Pudding and Cleophas. 

“I have a passion for helping others find their identity in Christ. But mostly I look forward to seeing God in the face of my neighbor as we share the bread and wine.”



The story of Jeremy and April begins during the halcyon days of the Internet over the message boards of Relevant magazine. They started chatting one day after Jeremy said something incredibly witty and April responded with an equally witty retort. One thing led to another and they got married in August 2004. They served together in Young Life for two years before moving to Charlotte in 2006, where they visited Renovatus Church and fell in love with the community. They both helped out with leading music, while April also utilized her love of cooking and hospitality to help on the Welcome team and Jeremy pitched in with Sunday School for the kids' ministry. Along the way, they grew their family by welcoming five crazy/wonderful daughters into the world: Flannery, Eloise, Blythe, Maeve, and Delia.

After eight years of being a part of that community, they felt the pull to go west and Jeremy returned to school at Fuller Theological Seminary to work towards his Master's in Theology and the Arts, due to graduate in June 2017. April recently launched her home business with Lularoe and also teaches Flannery and Eloise at home.

“Thanks to the beautiful chaos that a large family brings, we don't find ourselves with tons of free time. But when the stars align just right, we love simply being together, watching a movie, dreaming up ideas for our future, playing games or reading together.”



Paul has served as a Youth and Singles Pastor in California and a Pastor for 5 years with the Ministry to the Military in Mannheim Germany. He is currently an Addiction and Recovery Professional licensed in Tennessee. He lived in Chattanooga, TN, before moving to North Carolina to spend time with his grandchildren in Charlotte and Raleigh. Paul is looking forward to being on the beach as much as possible, in addition to being a loving and generous grandfather. Establishing community in Long Beach through many different social activities, is a high priority for him.

“I’m eager to see how my own love and experience serving people will be used to help others live the life our Father created them to live.”



Jordan is from Charlotte, NC, addicted to coffee, and a Bible School drop out. Though he’s a natural born creative with genius ideas and graphic design skills for days, he’s profound and thinks deeply. He probably should be a professional YouTube star, but chose the broken path of church planting. He worked at Renovatus Church as the Communications Director and Middle School Pastor, and also filled just about every role in the young adult community alongside the Harts. He always joked about going wherever they’d go. He’s keeping his word.

“My heart is for people to know the love that Jesus has for them. I want them to become aware of what has always been, and then I want to say, ‘welcome home.’”



Blake was born in Augusta, Georgia and raised in South Carolina. He graduated from Columbia International University in 2014 with a degree in Pastoral Ministry and Bible. He then moved to Cleveland, TN, in order to study at Pentecostal Theological Seminary, graduating with a Master's of Divinity in December of 2017. Blake's interests include attempting to play music, kicking butt at board games, struggling to learn and speak Spanish without sounding too much like a gringo, writing, and studying theology. He is currently Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship at Spring Place Church in Cleveland, TN, serving since August 2016. 

“I’m passionate about the gospel’s implications in the community—whether it’s speaking to the lines between poor and rich, black and white, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking.”



Nate is from Charlotte, NC, and the kind of guy who could probably succeed at any career based off his work ethic alone. Aside from his fun-loving nature and jokes, he’s a hustler, and yet a gentle teddy bear. He’s exceptionally gifted with kids. He also puts the extra in extrovert. (That’s probably an understatement.) His love for people far outweighs anything else. And he has a unique interest and care for high schoolers.

“I remember trying to be like everyone else, but soon realized it’s for the birds. I’d rather be a misfit.”